PSL Block 27 sections 19 and 37

Recently learned of proportional mineral rights ownership (currently in receivership) in this area. Is anyone aware of any current or planned activity in this area?

Don’t see any activity involving Section 37 but in Section 19 during the last two years Felix Energy has completed four strong horizontal wells. The Railroad Commission map of that area is attached below.

Those four wells were drilled from a plat located further south in Section 27 and the units include parts of both sections. The single well that terminates at the east side of Section 19 (marked 2H) is called the Felix Energy Half Moon 3019-27E. It started producing in February, 2018 and so far has made over 300,000 barrels of oil and .5 BCF of gas.

The three wells that terminate on the west side of Section 19 are called the Felix Energy Half Moon 3019-27 1H, 3H and 4H, They were completed in July, 2018 and through August had combined production of 650,000 barrels of oil and 1.7 BCF of gas.

Thanks Dusty-appreciate you feedback and knowledge.

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Hey Fletcher we got the same offer recently for the same parcel from same co…

Hi Dusty, I thought I saw an oil well on Section Block 27 Section 37 as well. Again its Felix Energy named Vallecito 37-28 2H. Am I reading the map correctly? If so any idea of the barrels of oil and BCF of gas obtained from the well? Thanks again for sharing your knowledge.

Fletcher Bishop

That Felix Vallecito well is in Blk 28, Section 37 not Blk 27. You’ll see 37-28 at the end of its name.

Attaching a map of that area with Blk 28, Section 37 highlighted with a green square and a blue circle on Blk 27, Section 37 that you were talking about. The only thing I see on Blk 27, Sec. 37 is a plugged vertical well that appears to have been drilled a long time ago.

Is Patch indicating the number of acres owned (either NMA - net mineral acres, or NRA - net royalty acres)? If they’re simply offering a total purchase price without detailing a $/acre amount and/or the number of acres you own, then I would tread carefully! They may be low-balling with the first round of offers, that happens a lot with these heirship type deals.

Thanks for straightening me out Dusty. Just a novice getting a bit twisted up in this stuff!

Dusty, moving forward to establish ownership of royalties. Do you know how I would obtain a copy of the original royalty deed purchased back in 1928?

Do you know the grantor and grantee, or volume and page? If so, I can pull it for you.

The Grantor is Burl Stiff and Grantee is Sarah Stotesbury, The file number is 5118. Royalty deed was filed on March 19, 1928. Thanks

Sorry correction- Grantor is Burl Stief

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