Protesting a Salt Water Disposal Well with Railroad Commission in Reeves & need help

Hi. Has anyone had success protesting a Salt Water Disposal Well with Railroad Commission in Reeves/Ward/Pecos Counties, Texas? We have a pre-hearing and then hearing coming up soon with the RRC. We are in need of some advice on what argument works or what expert I should call to help us succeed. Thank you!

I expect that you need an attorney who is experienced in RRC protests as this is a specialty area. The operator may file a petition for dismissal before the pre-hearing and then you will need to file an answer. The attorney can guide you on the specifics of your arguments and determining whether an expert is needed and who that would be. It may depend on whether you are a partial owner of the surface tract or only minerals under or adjacent to the tract where you might have subsurface trespass issues or whether the the injected water may interfere with current production in the disposal formation or the integrity of the fresh water.

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Hi. Thanks for the reply. Any chance that you know of any attorney’s experienced in the RRC workings that you might recommend? Thank you. Meg

@M_D it’s generally not a good idea to place personal phone number in a public forum. Our system has deleted this in deference to security, safety, and general risk mitigation