Protesting a pooling order

I have minerals in Section 4, 13N 11W. Rover Petroleum plans to put horizontal wells across this section and they have filed a pooling order and other regulatory documents with the Oklahoma Corporation Commission. They want to include Section 9 (to the south) in their unit, but Devon Energy has a well at that location. Devon is protesting the pooling order. Does anyone know how long they can hold this up?

More importantly, does anyone know who might be interested in leasing my mineral rights other than Rover Petroleum? They are not budging in their lease offer since they can just go ahead and force pool me.

If your contact information is correct at the county clerk’s office then interested parties will contact you. I’ve never heard of Rover.

Notting Hill Energy LLC is listed as the operator on the pending OCC cases and on several recent leases in sec 4 and 9. Ladd LLC was also leasing in the area Hearing date is currenty listed as July 12, 2022.

Many of us prefer a pooling if we cannot get a good lease. There are pros and cons to both.

Thank you Todd. I am aware of that and have already gotten a lease offer which matches the pooling terms. But I am looking to lease to someone that might be interested in a non-operator working interest position which would give me better terms. Do you know of any companies that like to take invest in non-op working interest in Oklahoma?

Thank you M_Barns. I believe those are just shell companies for Rover Petroleum. Do you know of companies that may be interested in investing in a non-op working interest in this section?

Who is Rover Petroleum?

It appears that Rover has mostly focused on conventional oil and gas fields but have recently started drilling horizontal wells. A few months ago they drilled some horizontal wells in west Texas and now they are moving into a few sections in Oklahoma. Looks like they try to find low-risk doughnut holes where horizontal development was by-passed by larger operators. I know they will be the operator because they sent me AFEs for the three wells they plan to drill. Anyways, would be great if anyone knows anything about who might be interested in investing in this area. According to the documents they submitted to the OCC they plan to drill two Mississippian wells and one Woodford well. Since there are already a ton of wells in the surrounding area it seems like the type of opportunity that would be relatively low risk.

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