Proposed well pad on my property

I am looking for info on price per acre or total amount for a proposed well site. Also has anyone heard of a landowner receiving a small percentage of all proceeds from well.

Operators in Texas are not required to pay for reasonable surface use, although many do, to keep peace with the surface owner. The amount paid depends on the size of the site and the market value of your land. In 43 years of oil and gas practice in Texas, I have never seen a surface owner paid a percentage of well proceeds.

I agree with Aimee. The only way a surface owner would get paid would be if they owned mineral rights in the spacing unit that has perforations from the well.

Where surface is severed from minerals, operators will pay surface damages. The amount will vary from county to county, so you should post your question in the state and county where your land is located. Many operators in West Texas use the University Lands Rate and Damage schedule. Where the surface and minerals are owned by the same person, damages may not be paid unless required by the oil and gas lease.

I agree with the discussion above. However, there are times when a pad adjacent to the property where the minerals are located. IE horizontal well. If the minerals are not be produced from beneath your land, you may have a golden opportunity to negotiate.