Proposal from Red Sky/BP

Hello to all… I recently received a proposal and I had no clue I even owned the land. Is there a way to look up where the land is based off of the coordinates listed. I know my family has owned several tracts of land in McClain and Cleveland county over the years. My mom seems to think it is on a Piece of land that was given to me when I was 18. Any advice as to where to start would be appreciated. The description reads as follows Fisher 6N 1W 18 1HX.

Red Sky is putting together another proposal for BP America to drill. You probably received a notice about pooling your interests and laid out in an attachment the cost of the well…about $11 million. As best I can tell the location will be in 18-6N-1W which physically is located one mile due south of Lexington with the horizontal drilling to go due north ending under the west half of Lexington township in section 7-6N-1W. Because Lexington was laid out in lots and blocks right after the Run of 1889 there probably are many very small mineral owners who may not even know they have an interest. The lot size is 25 feet wide but 150 deep. The well is named for the Fisher family that has long lived on a farm in section 18.

This well site is just across the South Canadian River north of another BP well completed recently. Just another extension of a very large drilling plan in mostly eastern McClain and some of western Cleveland counties in acreage purchased by BP from Charter Oak two or three years ago. From what I can tell their activities in this area have been successful with both oil and gas production and multiple gas pipelines laid and more under construction. You can see one being dug just on the west side of I-35 with the city of Purcell to the east.

This is probably more than you wanted to know but I believe this activity is a game changer in the area not just for BP but royalty owners, water sales for fracking activities and businesses in general. Hotels, motels, restaurants are busy and sales tax receipts are up in most communities and some dramatically,Lindsey, Purcell, Goldsby and others.

Hope this is helpful. Cal Hobson Lexington resident

Thank you for your reply. I do believe the land I owned is within that section. I finally found a map that included the section and township!! What an exciting opportunity for our little towns!

Thanks for the great info. We have a bunch of acres in 8 6N 1W . That explains the sudden interest!

Weaver2018 - do you know if you’re already leased?

Do you know what leases are going for from Bp?

Anybody have a phone number for Red Sky? I could not find it on google!

Redsky Land LLC


2619 Kelley Pointe Parkway

Edmond, OK 73013

United States

Phone: 1-405-470-2015

Fax: 1-405-470-2012

Web url:

Thank you so much for that info!

Sandra, You need to be quite specific with your request regarding what “leases are going for from BP”. Add the Section, Township and Range. Highly dependent on geographic location.

It isn’t currently leased.

I thought I read somewhere on the forum it was $750 per acres and 3/16, but I may be wrong

You are right $750 and 3/16ths or $900 and 1/8th or be pooled. That is the current offer via Redsky on behalf of BP America.

If they have a proposal, I would think we are pretty close to drilling. Has that already been listed on the intent to drill section of the newspaper or online?