Property taxes

I have inherited some RI in Yoacum Co. I am also paying Property Taxes in Yoacum Co. Does that mean I own the surface land as well as the minerals? This is all new to me I'm receiving royalty checks each month.

Well I an not sure but if you inherited the property from someone and they owned the property then you own it now and that includes the land , surface rights and mineral rights.

I inherited the oil and gas mineral rights from my grandfather and I think he sold the proper but the mineral rights belonged to hem always. Maybe this will help you some.

I can't figure out from deed if I own land and minerals or just minerals. I think I'm going to have call Yoacum Co Tax Accessor to find out. It says Property type is "mineral" when I looked up the deed on their website. There are two leases as far as I can tell and I'm receiving two royalty checks a month.

Well I would think if you are paying property taxes you would own the property.Did you sign a lease on this property or was it inherited with the leases. Was this left to you in someones will? That could tell you a lot about this property ownership.

It is in my mother's trust. She died in Aug. All I know is she inherited the royalty interest in 1984 from her uncle. I am successor trustee and her only heir and been receiving checks in her name and paying property taxes as her POA for the last 3 years. I have the lease agreement and deed in my possession and access to websites of companies that are paying her for the leases. My attorney is working on getting property transfered in my name. Mom didn't understand what she had and I'm still trying to unravel it all.

It sounds like what you are looking at is Ad Valorem taxes on the minerals. Its very unlikely that you would own the surface and not know about it. It is very common for minerals to be severed from the surface in Yoakum County

Yes, I called the Yoacum Co Treasurer and asked. It is just the minerals. Shucks, I was hoping it was the land too, I might have moved to Texas and built a house on it. (HA HA). I have started to receive a third check from a "Division Order". I had to look that up to see what it meant, apparently that's a good thing.

I'm guessing you have never been to Yoakum county, because I guarantee if you saw it you would not be interested in building a house there! Very flat and dry:-) Congrats on the Division Order, that means a check should be forthcoming!

I've recorded the deed into my trust. Now I have to learn about oil leases etc. I've found 3 leases so far but need to get copies of the lease agreements. The oil companies have been very helpful so far.