Property tax on mineral rights divided to heirs


My mother’s mineral rights are divided now to 5 heirs since her passing. Does each heir pay their own separate property tax when that becomes due for 2019?


Most of the county records for mineral property taxes are derived from division orders that the operator provides the county. Are each of the heirs receiving their own individual royalty checks? The appraisal district (Texas) in each county you own producing interests should have accounts set up for you. You can always contact them to make sure they have the ownership set up in the tax records correctly.


Thank you! Yes, the division orders are being prepared now, as I have recently sent back the heir document. Each heir will receive their own royalty check. I wanted to make sure they have to pay their own property tax (in Kansas) since 3 of the heirs are adult grandchildren but are not responsible adults.


Hello. My name is Marquss Renee Creeks. I’m one of the three heirs you talking about here in Dallas TX. Filed affidavit of heirship in Dallas county records bld. In 2014. The estate of Will Moore estate. Catherine Clay. Diane Creeks estates. My address is 2514 Hooper st Dallas TX. 75215. Robert Creeks. Jacqueline Creeks. The others . Thank you. 936-221_3990.


I think you are mistaken. The heirs on my mothers will are myself, my sister, and 3 of her grandchildren.