Property Security and oversight

Hi. My family has property in Ward County but we live in California. There's been so much activity, we want to hire a service to drive out there every few months and take a look around for us. Does anyone know where to start? We've checked with Monahans and Midland Chamber of Commerce and neither had any suggestions. Thanks

Do you own surface or minerals or both? If you provide a legal description including the Section and Block and number of acres of each tract, then it will be easier for people to provide suggestions.

Drilling and production activity you can monitor online. Otherwise, perhaps someone who is running cattle in the area?

Diane - Sent you a message.


My company, AI Prime, can offer you monthly/weekly images of your property through our portal. We are in the beginning stages of the company so we currently only have data in Reeves and Martin counties. If you would like to have a quick call I would be more than happy to discuss with you. Feel free to email me at