Property near Sanderson in Terrell County Texas

My family owns approximately 13 thousand acres near Sanderson Texas. Sandridges previous owner Malone Mitchell has purchased property across hwy 90 from us and intends to drill on it someday. Unfortunately he has no immediate need for more oil or gas plays since his hands are probably full at the moment.

If anyone realized how sure he was that our land has the same exact gas plays he has found north, I am sure they would be beating our doors down.
A wildcat was once drilled less than a mile from our ranchhouse and oil was seen by the rig hands to be pouring into the pit. Later, when I was employed by Malone he told me that the well log showed the same exact tight shale and the same exact depth he found his gas at north west of us.
At that time he said they were only waiting for the piping infrastructure to makes its way to us. We cannot believe other companies arent trying to compete for this gas!

Hey Jack!

I’m a Certified Professional Landman with over 30 years of experience in the land business.

If you’ll send me a map of your ranch, I’ll take a look at it. I may have a client or two that would consider it.

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I can try and run a map down but meanwhile let me tell you where it lies. The ranch lies immediately south of hwy 90 beginning at Sanderson. It goes south for approximately 4 to 6 miles. it goes west also for approximately 6 miles extending back toward Marathon from Sanderson.(6 miles) . Any oil map will show it, Im sure. Directly across the hwy on the north side is where Malone Mitchells’ ranch lies and extends in a huge area on that side. Hundreds of sections in fact. A wildcat tight hole was drillled across from our ranch house on Downie property and Malone told me it was the exact depth and formation he finds his gas in farther toward the east. thanks, jack 903.456.6517

I understand the drilling crew saw quite a bit of low gravity looking oil coming from the well. And they said the stuff smelled exactly like Iraan Texas where Marathon has the oil play.

Anyhow, I understand a lot of energy companies are after the oil they are now able to release with a different frac method so perhaps thier interest in our place may soon return since the pipe and infrastructure would be of no importance since the hwy 90 bisects the ranch. jack