property changed operaters

Hello again. My check was 2 wells short this past month. Looked it up on RRC and CONG come back as owned by Deep Rock Resources. My lease is with RockCliff Energy. RockCliff say they are shut down due to drilling close by. If they are drilling that close I should be getting some more devision orders wouldn’t you think? The lady I talked to twice said she didn’t know why they say D.R. has the lease. Any thoughts on this?

Can you give the API # or the name of the well and what County?

Yes. It is the Jean pope unit. Panola county. Thats 1H and 2H. api 365-38386—api 365-38385

You may have entered something wrong. On RRC website, under Wellbore Query - API 42-365-38386 is Jean Pope HV Unit 2H - RRC Gas lease 06-285966 - operated by Rockcliff Energy Operating LLC. Using the RRC lease# in CONG, Rockcliff is listed as both producer and purchaser. Same for 1H well - RRC Gas lease 06-286030.

Another thought is that when they are doing a frac job within about a mile, they frequently shut in the currently producing nearby wells to protect them. Once the frac is over, they will usually reopen. So you may want to check your stub next month and see if they are online again. Just because new wells are “close by”, they may not be in the spacing where your minerals are located. If they are not, then you will not get royalties.