Properties that I need to find

I need to get some information about mineral properties 11992022, 11992023, 11992024, in Oklahoma. Can anyone help

What section, township and ranges for those properties? In what context were those numbers found?

Section 32 township13N range 1W and I don’t have an idea, it just says mineral properties

32-13N-1W is in Oklahoma County, OK. There are two wells in that section - Wild Thing 32-B-1 (1992) and WildThing C-1 (no space) 1995. B-1 is in production, C-1 was plugged and abandoned in 1995.

What kind of paper or questions were those numbers asking about? They are not the API numbers of the wells. Are they on a check stub? They look like they might be a property number, but I would have to see a scan of the document to point you in the right direction.

11992022, 11992023, 11992024, 12028018, 17656074, 2251249, 37223364, and it says, claim Royalty interest on 17656074, 2251249, 37223364 and it’s saying exact amount due for 11992022, 11992023, 11992024,12028018, and claim royalty on the others

Still have no idea unless you post a scan with your private data marked out that has some kind of header on it. Is this from the state unclaimed funds office or a company?

No it’s from plains marketing lp and Koch industries

Those are most likely the internal property number codes. You would have to contact the companies directly and ask which wells they go to.

I was in a global settlement and never received any information about it, no documents, or any settlement money, the comptroller held my documents for over 35 years in a coffer, knowing my whereabouts. The judge set aside 4 million dollars for class members unknown whereabouts, and eventually the comptroller after 13 years filed a motion to claim the money so they can dispurse it to the unknown whereabouts, and the judge approved it. The state comptroller is the same office who held my documents for 35 years, and I didn’t find out until 2018, and they have not been able to find my settlement funds. They say I have none.They say that they can’t find the money. The judge had jurisdiction over the settlement funds and turned them over to the comptroller and I still haven’t received any information, documents, not settlement funds. What can I do, I want my due process.

Out of my area of expertise. Have you tried the unclaimed funds for both Oklahoma and Delaware? Also check the state of domicile for Plains Marketing and Koch industries. You may have to hire an attorney.

How do you check the state of domicile for a company?

Delaware is the most common.

Koch Industries is based in Kansas. There is a topic line on Koch in the forum. Type in Koch Industries Royalties in the search box (magnifying glass in upper right corner)

Thank you for your time and help. Mrs Barnes how do I revoke a division order? And does a 30 demand letter must be presented to the company before legal action be taken