Proof of ownership and suspense funds

My proof of mineral rights ownership was sent to the oil company back in Nov 2014 .I have verified that they received the mineral deed. The oil company got back to me and indicated that since their are 4 other levels of heirs, they have to wait for all of them to record their fractional interest with the county Before they can release the suspense funds

Does this sound right or am I being jerked around. my biggest Concern is that these other heirs either are unaware of their heirship, deceased, or do not wish to pursue their mineral rights ownership due to being split so many times. Any input would be greatly appreciated

Because I am the sole heir of my parents fractional interest, I invested the money into doing 3 probate to get them in to my name. I don't understand why why these other heirs are having an effect on the oil company proceeding with me.


It would be impossible for anyone here to know if they are "jerking you around" without knowing your full familial history, and seeing your entire chain of title.

It could very well be that the title TO your parents is still disputed. Sure, the chain from your parents to you is probated and clear, but did your parents inherit the interest? Did that descendant have a probated will? Did they inherit the interest? Etc..Etc...Etc...

I think you may need legal help to get to the bottom of this. I think there may be a problem in communication from the company to you.