Proof of Claim Querstions / Bankruptcy

I have a lease with Triangle Petroleum in McKenzie county, ND who is undergoing a bankruptcy and I have a few questions that have come up when trying to complete the Proof of Claim Form that was sent to me. I was waiting for Triangle to send me the monies that were being held in suspense and hadn't received them prior to the Bankruptcy notice. Those funds are why I am completing this form.

Most of the questions are self explanatory but any help would be greatly appreciated. I did call the help line regarding how much the claim was as I'm not sure. They said to just put unliquidated. Correct?

Basis of the claim I put Oil and Gas Lease / Suspense Funds

Would this be a Secured Claim (not sure what this is)?

Nature of Property? Oil and Gas Lease? Mineral Rights?

What is basis for Perfection? (Any docs that I would need to send)?

Is the claim subject to a right of setoff ? Y/N

Is all or part of the claim entitled to Priority ?

Is all or part of the claim entitled to administrative priority?

I'm not very savvy with all of this lingo so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

Paul Upsahl