Project Springboard

What happened to all the posts around the Project Springboard?

Most of the wells in that project/area have been drilled. There are a few that haven’t but will be done soon.

Continental just posted their Q3 report.

Do you know when row 4 wells will be drilled? Been waiting on 10-6n-6w.

JOHN- section 10 has multiple wells already. If you are taking about Springer wells only, Continental recently completed 2 Wells that should be in pay status in another 2-3 months.

I’m aware of the 2 wells drilled a few hundred feet into 10 (row 4 Springboard) from the North. Been expecting several long laterals in 10 but CLR seems to have stopped Springer drilling here. Any idea if they will resume Springer wells in row 4?

Not sure of their plans. Nothing filed at this time that I see.

Todd, surely they are not done drilling in the Springboard. There are a lot of sections still left to tap. Unless they are sticking to multi-section wells only.

Almost all wells are now multi-section. Continental’s “Springboard” project was announced as such to draw attention to them drilling the Springer formation. There are a lot of Springer wells left to be drilled in Grady County outside of the original “map”.

Looking at CLR Feb 2020 Investor presentation, p12. Can someone tell me what Springboard II is?

IMHO it is continued development of the Springer formation.