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I have been trying to catch up with all of these updates AND am so happy for all of you commenting about drilling, Spuds, offers to buy & the like. I just feel all this activity will suck the minerals out of our Section 5-5-6 where there is no activity…so sad!! Guess patience is in order (although I did have an Offer for $14,000 an acre…no dice.


Curious who you had the offer from, I have minerals in 21 5N 7W


Don’t panic, these horizontal wells do not drain very far away from their well bore. The OCC keeps a tight eye on the drainage. If you had an offer, your acreage is probably still valuable (perhaps not at the offer amount). You have one well on your property already which is holding the lease. You have room for more.


Reading the Springboard map, all proposed drilling is in 6W, regardless of Sec. 18-7N-6W and 18-6N-7W are listed. I’m in 18-6N-7W, and not listed as either proposed or “Not Planned.” Does the map only reference drilling in 6W and Springboard anticipates drilling outside of it, or is this the extent of their planned activity? Thank you.

Mike Mager


Michael, your section is controlled by Unit, not Continental (18-6N-7W). They have a new well planned for your unit. You should have already gotten some mail from them. They call their area of development SOHOT. Scroll up a bit or look for that term using the magnifying glass search engine in the top right corner. I am attaching Unit’s most recent investor presentation so you can a feel for their plans.


Hi, Can you tell me if 8N-7W or 8N-8W in the Springboard?? Thanks for any information.


Scroll up to August 8 and you will see the Springboard map.
7W and 8W are not in it. You might want to look in the Unit presentation I just posted today as it has their SOHOT area which may be more in your area.


Thank you, so much!

Haven’t received anything from Unit yet. Appreciate the Unit Report. I wonder if they’ll follow Continental’s lead with the simultaneous multi-hole drilling?

Again, thank you,

Mike Mager


Rick_S Haven’t heard from you in a while but reading about what is happening around you thrills us for you and your parents. Couldn’t happen to nicer folks!


Is there a way to find out who controls sections? We are in 19 6n6w, 246n6w and 30 6n6w. Thank you for all of the information that is shared. It is so helpful.


It appears that Continental controls 19 and 30. Listing on OTC site indicates the Parr well started producing in June, 2018.

Spud Date: October 28, 2017 Operator Name: CONTINENTAL RESOURCES INC Operator Number: 3186 Address: OPERATOR Well Name/No. PARR 1-30-19XH Sec: 30 TWP: 6N RGE: 6W County: GRADY


Hello Experts here:

Didn’t know that different companies controlled various sections, until I saw this posting today. Our sections are under a protest hearing this week to resolve who gets to drill. Was wondering now, prior to hearing this week, who “controls” our sections of 18-6-6 and 7-6-6 ? Not sure where to find this out, so thanks for any help in advance!


Frank, The OCC gives one operator the right to drill a certain formation. Usually they will control all formations, but every once in a while, someone will have a different reservoir. Especially if there are old shallow vertical wells with one operator in one zone and deeper horizontal wells in another zone with a different operator.

7-6N-6W- Continental is applying for the right to drill in 7 for the Morrow, Springer and Mississippian. They already have a well in 7 going north into 6 Pudge 1-7-6XH which was completed in the Miss Lime and the Woodford.

18-6N-6W Continental won the operatorship of the Mississippian, Woodford and Hunton back in 2016. Warwick applied for operatorship of the Springer in Feb 2018. And they want additional wells. Continental as applied for the Morrow Springer and Mississippian Could be some conflict over who gets the Mississippian. They quite often ask for pooling for the main zone and then the zone above and zone below in case the well bore meanders into them. Continental had the Ryan Express in 18 going south into 19 in the “Mississippian” which is a pretty broad term.

The OCC will decide on the other zones.


Thank you so much!


Thanks Linda, 5 Rigs on us and all drilling the wrong way. Just have to be patient. Good to here from you. Oil field traffic in Lindsay and Blanchard getting crazy.


It looks like Continental is planning 18 new wells in the Woodford and Springer in 25-7-6.

5 Williams wells for Sec. 25(24)(13)-7-6

_500690941 1000 2507N06W SE SE NW NE 05124401 WILLIAMS 6-25-24-13XHW 7/6/2018 7/6/2018 _ _500693446 1001A 2507N06W SE SE NW NE 051244010000 WILLIAMS 6-25-24-13XHW 7/14/2018 7/16/2018 _ _500695284 1000 2507N06W SW NW SW NW 05124420 WILLIAMS 2-25-24-13XHW 7/23/2018 7/23/2018 _ _500698558 1001A 2507N06W SW NW SW NW 051244200000 WILLIAMS 2-25-24-13XHW 7/26/2018 8/1/2018 _ 500695285 1000 2507N06W SW NW SW NW 05124421 WILLIAMS 3-25-24-13XHM 7/23/2018 7/23/2018

5 Pyle 5-25-36XHW wells for 25-7-6

500701180 1000 2507N06W SE SE NW NE 05124434 PYLE 5-25-36XHW 8/10/2018 8/10/2018

4 Pyle 4-36-25XHW for 25-7-6

_4 500700671 1000 3607N06W SE SW SE SW 05124432 PYLE 4-36-25XHW 8/8/2018 8/8/2018 _ _500701820 1001A 3607N06W SE SW SE SW 051244320000 PYLE 4-36-25XHW 8/12/2018 8/14/2018 _ _500558247 1000 3607N06W SW SE SE SW 05124154 PYLE 1-36-25XH 5/23/2017 5/23/2017 _ 500564715 1001A 3607N06W SW SE SE SW 051241540000 PYLE 1-36-25XH 6/3/2017 6/7/2017

4 Hart wells for 25(24)-7-6XHS.

That’s about 16 wells in the Springer and Woodford in or on one section 25-7-6, just like this chart showing 16 wells on one section.


Thank You very much, once again Martha Barnes ! You are a great resource for us. Thank you for being here and your help!


Dang Rick….hate to hear those drillers have their directions mixed up…at least for the sake of you guys! Maybe if the wells turn out as good as they expect yours will be next. Sounds like a lot going on up there. Yes, the traffic around here and Blanchard is getting very crazy! Besides that they are working on the highway between us and town so it’s very difficult for us even getting to town. Best Wishes! Linda

From: []


For clarification, the Williams wells will only be 10% in Section 25 with the remainder in Sections 24 & 13. The Pyle woodford wells will be in Sections 36 & 25.

The Hart wells are Springer wells and will be Sections 24 & 25.

Initial percentages in each section are all different. The reason for this is the location of the drilling pad.

I own minerals & leasehold in Section 25 and to say the least, it is quite confusing.

Todd M. Baker


Rick, what do you mean they are drilling the wrong way?