Project Springboard (SCOOP Related)


Robert, maybe this is what you are looking for:
Venus 1-20 spud notification posted on OCC web site


Pat_L, Thank you very much!! This is exactly what I was looking for … now we wait. Bob Craig


i am hearing about mineral sales in the $32-$35,000 an acre with a quarter royalty in springboard project any confirmations on that


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Jake_allen … I heard mid $30’s offered an acre for a 1/4 royalty in section 30-7N-6W … but only $28,000 an acre for a 1/4 royalty in section 7-6N-6W where 3/16 royalty was offered $24,000 an acre (up from $21,000). Could be the $28,000 offer could have gone to $32,000 when the $21,000 offer went to $24,000. We weren’t really interested so we didn’t pursue it.



I would like to know this as well.



Don, Who offered the $28,000 per acre?


Echo, but they did have the advantage of being the last bidder. Mineral Resources was working for Continental and they were also strong bidders and may very well have gone higher if we had shown an interest, which we didn’t.


Thank you, I was just curious.


Thanks, Rick. Looks like two more wells in 9-7-6. Great! Now if I can only live long enough for them to be producing…


Sylvester, that sounds good! We are in 9 7-7 so this was good news to me too. Just happened to see this. The admin thinks we only want to see topics that are relevant to us, but he can’t understand that the more we see about all of Grady county at once, the better picture we have . That’s why it would be so nice if there was a running thread.


Laura, I think this is what was setup for us to use as a running thread. A big difference for me is the comments now go down instead of up. Be sure to setup the “Tracking” mode so that you get the email notices that comments have been made. :smiley:

Grady County General Discussion (Running Thread)


Thanks! I just did!


The Robinson 5R-15-10XHS has spud 6/24, this is Sections 15 and 10, 7N, 6W. Since the last permit, the well number has added the “R” in the above well number. Does anybody know what the R means?


Got an offer for $28k from a contractor for CLR.


What is the legal description? Thanks.


Grady County, Section 10, 7N-6W
4 Robinson wells recently permitted,
first one spudded earlier this month.
Offer was a couple of months ago.


Jackie, it stands for “Replacement”… In looking at the Permits to Drill the Robinson 5R-15-10XHS is exactly 30 feet south of the Robinson 5-15-10XHS…


Thanks, Don, I looked all over and couldn’t figure that out!


Section 30-7N-6W … Mineral deed filed for 6.6666 acres for $237,500 which is $35,625/acre … Best guess is this is for a 1/4 royalty.