Project Springboard (SCOOP Related)


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Jake: Here are the first few months of the Pyle well:

|2018 |March |Oil |37211.54 |CONTINENTAL RESOURCES |2018 |March |N. Gas |61180 |CONTINENTAL RESOURCES INC |2018 |February |Oil |21123.58 |CONTINENTAL RESOURCES INC |2018 |February |N. Gas |35581 |CONTINENTAL RESOURCES INC


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Grady: Continental Resources Inc.; Birt No. 3-13-12XHS Well; NE1/4 NW1/4 NW1/4 NE1/4 (BHL) of 12-07N-06W; 12 barrels oil per day; TD 22,249.

Continental Resources Inc.; Birt No. 4-13-12XHS Well; NW1/4 NE1/4 NE1/4 NE1/4 (BHL) of 12-07N-06W; 24 barrels oil per day, 110,000 cu-ft gas per day; TD 22,333.

2 springer wells in 13 & 12 7 6 hit only 12 bpd.

You can not spend $10 million on a well to hit 12 bpd, in the middle of springboard.

Anybody know what happened

Would love to hear what m barnes opinion is on this.

I’ve never seen wells in springboard with this poor production.

What do you think m?


First glance doesn’t look so hot, but wait until the wells clean up. Choke is very small. They may have changed their completion technique.


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It’s hard to believe that the springer would be that poor.


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Rick_S… I guess you saw the Final Order for 5 additional Springer Formation wells? As I look at the Exhibits it appears there is nothing to get very excited about as far as Section 20 goes. New December applications for what looks like 2 Springer wells covering all of Section 20. Hopefully more later.


Don, Received paper work Friday about 2 additional Springer wells for Section 20. What is different is they appear to be drilling from North to South, starting in Section 17. One well is 96% sec 20 , 4% sec17 and one is 95% sec 20, 5% sec17 if this happens we will be truly blessed. Don thanks so much for the heads up.


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CLR dribbling out production data on newer springboard wells; pyle look like it is averaging about 1000BOPD for the first 4 months Feb (22 days) 21123.58BO March (31 days) 37,211.54BO April no report May (31 days) 29524BO


Sorry about the question from the out of state guy but I in sec.25 so thought someone might have a helping hand here but I guess not haw but that’s ok I’ll figure it out but thanks for you words of wisdom for me what fishen no good today I guess haw


If you are in sec 25 07n06w You could have a dozen wells already drilled… …



Please provide us with the Section, Township & Range of the property you are wanting information about.

Todd M. Baker


According to OCC well records the Robinson #4 (22-7N-6W) completed on 10/24/18. First production was 10/26/18. Completion report

No postings yet of completion of Robinson #3 which spud 3 weeks before #4.

I know the court must rule on final percentage allocations— can anyone tell if that has been done yet? When might we expect division orders? Thanks in advance for all help.


The Robinson well in 22-7-6 only 115 bpd and the Birt well in 13-7-6 only hit 12 bpd. The Pyle well in 25-7-6 hit 1,400 bpd. Only a mile or two away. I’d like to ask Jeffrey if there is some geological formation or incline that could cause such big production differences only a couple miles away from each other. Thanks, in advance Jeffrey.


those completion reports are meaningless. i will make the point again that the operator can choose any point in time to determine flow for that report. Watch what they do, not what they say. They have 13 rigs running out there. if they were making suckey wells they would not continue drilling. When the actual production comes out in 3-9 months we will know for sure. They will also probably make mention of the results in the quarterly report in Feb. Also, looking back at some of our production reports, peak flow usually occurs at day 18 -23 after “first production”. In the first 4-5 days the well is being flowed back the oil production is usually very minimal as the frac water must be recovered before the oil can reach the well bore.


Pyle well is from the Woodford. The others are from the Springer. Different dinosaurs.

Todd M. Baker