Productivity of Wells

Good afternoon. i was reading on the Forum about a person who was wondering what the productivity was on their wells. I have been looking on NDIC etc, and can't find any info on the following wells for the months of Aug/Sep/Oct.

RJ TITUS 6093 42-20H SESW 20 160 93 23475 3332 6004 30 3114 3205 0 BRK

JAZZ FEDERAL 6093 42-20H SESW 20 160 93 22633 4393 5755 25 4164 3888 0 BRK

Anything you can help me with would be great. Thank you



I'd found your request on Jim's post and just listed your production there.

If you have the $50 yearly basic subscription to the NDIC you can find the monthly production. Otherwise, there is a site to pull up the results for free, but it's posted mid-month and in different format. Here is that website.

Thank you very much