I hold a lease, lots 1 & 2 & s1/2ne1/4 sec. 3-19n-5w, Kingfisher county. I am totally inexperienced in this field. Can anyone tell me if there is any production near this location?

Hey, Bill. It’s Joe Morsman from NATC. Call me on Monday - happy to discuss.

Longfellow completed the Shimanek 3-M4H well in 2014 into the Mississippian. 161 BO and 121 MCF gas. It was spaced at 640 acres, so you should have been paid for the well. The well was spud in Section 10. Who are you leased with? I do not see your name on the court documents. Is this the correct S-T-R? 3-19N-5W? Could it be under another name?

I am named in a division order. would this explain my name not being mentioned? also, i am certain they do not have my current address.

thank you.

If you are named in a division order, then a pretty thorough title opinion was done and they think you are the correct owner. How do you know you are on the the division order if you didn’t get it? If you did get it, then call the division order analyst at the top of the page and ask for the paragraph from the division order title opinion that gives you your history of rights. Save it! You should recognize the ancestor and then I can hunt for him/her online in the court documents.

Let’s switch to real email until the forum is fixed properly and we can sort this out.

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thank your your response. let me do some digging.