Production to royalties how long?

Hello I am new to this forum.

We received a letter from Diamond resources stating a well on our lots was in production. I have checked on line and it says they started production August 2009. Why so long before sorting out titles for royalties?

The well is 18909 Rollefstad 2-3h with Continental Resources 3-152-94

our section is actually below it 10-152-94 but this is a horizontal fracking well and i see they have been on our section since last october 2012.

Why so long till talk of royalties? Or is this normal?

I appreciate any help to understand this.

Thanks Cindy.

Cindy, if you have had marketable title all along they owe you a lot of interest, 18% a year on your royalty of over 500,000 barrels of oil, production from that spacing is about 700,000 barrels of oil from your THREE currently producing wells. There are 11 wells classed as confidential and I wasn't going to look at them all because at least some are probably not going to be yours but I will look and see how many have started drilling. 7 of the eleven confidential wells have already been spud, that is started drilling and some of those will be yours.

If you have had good title all along, be sure to tell them you want your interest on past due royalty as required by law

Thank you for your help. If you could look for the ones that are drilling it would be awesome!

This is exciting.

Many thanks for your help RW.


Cindy, I'm sorry to say that the wells are confidential and the names that usually give some indication of what is going on aren't helpful this time. From the layout on the map it appears that drilling is occurring in three additional separate locations, not including the wells already producing. I think it very likely you will have something to cheer over about a year from now but how much cheering you will do is yet to be seen. It might all be old hat once you are paid for the wells that have been producing for years already. Go ahead and remind me in about 7 months and we can see if there is something to learn then.