Production Time Frame for New Wells

My mineral rights are in Township 154, Range 96, Section 1 My question: Six new wells were drilled this past spring by XTO. I have followed them on the North Dakota Oil and Gas website. They were marked as “confidential” all year and now are marked “NC”. Does this mean they are not completed yet? I would have expected production by the end of this year. I continue to get offers to purchase these mineral rights so I assume these are expected to be decent wells. Thanks for any insight or knowledge on these wells.


It is likely that XTO had those wells as confidential which following spuding the well can only remain confidential for six months thereafter. XTO has a history of their wells leaving confidential status as NC (which means not-completed) or a drilled but uncompleted well. I’d expect that they would be back into that field to complete the wells in the next 12-18 mos.

Thanks for your reply. I am surprised by the long time between drilling and production. I had expected that XTO would have wanted to get a return on their investment sooner. Oh well, I was hoping to get royalties by this holiday season. I will just have to be patient!

You are welcome. Sorry to disappoint on the news. FWIW, XTO has been doing a bunch of completions work in their Bear Den area in McKenzie and Dunn and suspect that after the winter and spring thaw, they will move the completion activities up into Williams as they have a bunch of drilled but uncompleted wells. I think your patience will be rewarded.

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