Production status of Section 24, Township 26 North, Range 16 West?

Hi, We have a mineral rights lease agreement with Chaparral, signed last year, but have not heard anything since then -- Any information on the production status of Section 24, 26N, 16W?

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Les well permit well spud

You can track all the public info on that website. Type in 2426N16W in the location box.

I do not see a completion notice yet. It should have taken about three months to drill. Then another six months until you hear something. Could be part of the frac-log. A whole bunch of wells that are not completed yet. Could be a dry hole, but it still should have a completion report. You should get a Division Order if the well is good. You should be paid by six months after the first sales. If not, they owe you interest! They can get really backed up. OK tax site. I don't find anything on it yet either.

You can contact Chaparral as listed on the permit and ask what is going on.....since it has been a year.

Thank you very much for all this information, M Barnes -- very much appreciated.

Will do as you suggest and contact the landman to see what's going on

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The landman may have no idea since they are often just contract and work for many companies. I would contact Chaparral as listed on the permit. Have the API number of the well ready. Also S-T-R and what name you leased under. They may have a royalty owner tab on their website.

Thanks again, M Barnes -- didn't realize the landman only deals with the contract end of things. We just found that Chaparral has an Owner Relations log in page on their website, but will contact them directly as you suggest, with all of the particulars. Could be as you previously mentioned, that operations have either been halted, or curtailed due to issues as reported in this article. Absolutely understandable of course.

Or could have been a dry hole.

Will ask them for either a completion report or a Division Order, or at least an update if things are still "in progress."