Production Reports for New Wells


I’m trying to find out production numbers on a new well. (15-7N-7W and 10-7N-7W) The well was spud 07/24/2017. Well was completed on 03/18/2018.
How do I find out the production numbers? Thanks for any help.

Bob Teeter



It is going to be too soon for real production numbers to be available publicly on this well. We can sometimes get a back door number on oil production based on sales. Other than that, it would be inside information from someone with a working interest. The completion report should show up soon, but I don’t have faith in the test numbers on those reflecting actual production.

Ask again in about 7 days or so and I’ll look again.
DANSIL 1-15-10XH API 3505124159 PUN 05122338300000 Grady Co, Oklahoma.

You can search here but that data will lag 4-6 months. Gross Production


Thanks Rick,

I’ll do that.



Hi Rick,
I’m back again to ask if you can look up any production numbers for Dansil 1? Where are you looking for those numbers? I look at the “Gross Production” web site, but as you said there is a lag.

Thanks for any help.




I’m still not seeing it. Many times you can find the PUN listed by looking through the 300R reports.
I don’t see it yet in the current files.



The completion report has been posted


Thanks Rick. At least half the previous numbers were correct( the gas volume).