Production Report

The initial drilling date for the well on our right was Sept. 2011. Our first production data report was in January 2012, and it gave the production for November. We had another production report in February for December.

I am not sure what the numbers mean....if it is production per day or per month. If it is per month, it is pretty sad and if it is per day, it is nothing to write home about, I don't think.

At any rate, the curious thing is, it says the well is not complete. How can a well not be complete and be producing?

Here is a link to the report. Any insight anyone can offer on this will be greatly appreciated.

Hanna, if the well is naturally producing/flowing without fracturing/stimulation, it would probably be termed incomplete. It could be a pretty good well, give it a chance before you scold it for being a runt. They may frack it later and up the production.

Amazing. Thank you. The terminology in this business is very strange:) I couldn't understand how they could possibly keep this well going financially with what it is producing. It is permitted as a diagonal well, not a horizontal, so I didn't think it could be fracked. Thanks r w:)