Production Report Data

I am looking at oil production data for two wells that were recently completed that we hold leases on, but only data for one of the two wells is being reported. There are two other wells (4 wells total) on the pad that are dedicated to another lease to the south, that we are not on, and none of that data has been reported yet either. All four wells were drilled and completed at the same time. Is there an explanation why WH/Chesapeake would only be submitting data for one well on that pad?

In Texas, oil production is reported by lease, not by well. If all four wells are on the same lease then there will only be one set of production numbers.

Do they not treat 1H and 2H wells as individual leases? We have not received the division orders, but I assumed we should be looking for a set of orders for each. The wells heading north are for the Calvin B 1H/2H and the wells heading south are for the Ticac 1H/2H. Thanks for the help!

Dec 2018 through Mar 2019 production reports are available on the Calvin B 2H well.

Open this link: Production Report Queries

Go to “Production Filing By Operator”.

Choose “Pending” as the lease type.

Enter WH/Chesapeake’s Operator Number from the permit.

Choose District 03 from the drop down menu.

Choose Dec 2018 or Jan, Feb, Mar 2019.

Click the “Filing Operator” button.

Search through the generated files for the Calvin B 2H well report.

That is really interesting. I have always searched by lease not operator, so that is a better view. Thanks for that. It does make me curious as to why they are only showing numbers for the 2H though and not the 1H.

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You’re welcome! I think the wells are only temporarily in the Production Report section–until they can be moved/assigned to Production Data Queries.