Production potential for a proposed well

I am trying to evaluate an offer on a Leasehold interest we have in 6-18N-8W. I want to determine the production potential of the well in question. What is the best way to determine this? Thanks for any advice.

what has been your offer???? Kingfisher has been xtremely hot lately----!

1350/nma Buy my interest outright

1200/nma 3 yrs & 3/16

1000/nma 3 yrs & 1/5

0/nma 3 yrs & 1/4

Steve those numbers look odd to me. They offer to buy for $150 more than you could lease it for? If you would go for that someone is going to take the entire office out to lunch. I think they sent you the offer for people who are bad at math.

Would need some additional info (term for one) to know for certain whether this is a good offer or not, but those numbers seem rather light to me. You're a little north of the really good action in Kingfisher, but the play is moving that way. Friend me if you'd like some additional information, but I would not sell at those prices.