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I have well that has been active since Sept. 2019. I realize the prices on oil have dropped but I have yet to see any payment. The gross production has only been 9354 since Sept. could this be why ? Also who pays the Operator or the reporting company ?

Section, township and range would help with a better answer. What well? Did you ever receive a Division Order? Either can pay, but operator is responsible.

Section 15 Township 14N and Range 04E. It is the Titan 1-15H well. I’m sorry but I don’t know what a division order is. I did receive the royalty payment last year but this is all new to me.

Correction on last post , I received a bonus payment. The royalty is 3/16 and I have 5 acres. Hope this helps

A Division Order comes from the Operator and tells you what decimal percentage you will get from the well. Did you sign a lease last year or many years earlier? Titan 1-15H has been online since 2008. Did you just inherit or sign a new lease? Altex drilled the well back in 2008. Scissortail Energy was the gas purchaser. Altex sold the well to Equal Energy US Inc. in 2010. API number is 35-081-23957. Who did you get the royalty payment from? The first bonus would have been back in 2008 or earlier. The well produced until mid 2015. It was dormant until September of 2019. Did you sign a new lease then? The current operator is listed as Prairie Gas Company of Oklahoma LLC. You should have been paid by now if your title is clear. And ask for interest!

I inherited the mineral rights back in 2016 and was paid for production from 2009 - 2016 by Equal Energy. The well was then dormant. I was then notified by Anchor Land Group in Feb.2019 and a leased was signed April of 2019. I got the bonus in April from the Prairie Gas Co. I have been watching and it went active again in Sept. of 2019 but I have not received any thing for production. Is the division order the royalties to be paid ?

The Division Order is a contract between the operator and the mineral owner. Contact Prairie Gas co and ask where the Division Order is.

Vanessa! Please be advise that Parie Oil and gas has went threw many changes per OCC field Inspector. for Lincoln County. Most of the wells are idle or not producing due to recent oil and gas prices. Natural gas is being vented because the of the low prices at the Well heat by open flame. Sorry to burst the bubble. many minerals are in the same set of issues.

Hi Lee , even if well shows active and gives gross vol. amt. ?

Contact Prairie Gas. They may be working under less than ideal conditions, so document every attempt to contact them. Send letters by certified return receipt mail and keep copies. If your title is clear, they have a statutory duty to pay you on time or they owe you interest.

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Hekko Vanessa1, Yes the OCC webpage is reference only for those interested. It takes some time for things to post to the site and with the recent virus issues, things are moving slow. Praire oil and Gas has gotten rid of numerous employes(third party information) and are down to the bare bones. As M Barnes has already posted they have to pay your legal division order amount, if they file 11 or 13. Keep very detail notes, because what they say on the phone and what they have on paper will change. TRUST ME !!!

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Thank you Martha for your great advice.

Thank you Lee for your invaluable information. This website is a godsend.

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