Production Numbers for 4th Q 2018:


Production numbers for 2- producing wells which we hold interest are listed on the website for Dec. 2107 through 3rd Q 2018. Succeeding numbers for these same wells, to date, are not appearing in the database. When, where and/or how can i find this information?

In another thread, someone stated that the production company run about 4- months out. Thus, are the production numbers updated monthly, quarterly or other frequency and that i should be receiving them soon?


Jim ; I recently had similar questions. First I emailed that department and asked them. They have a website for asking questions. The reply I received was two (2) fold : (1) they noted that production wasn’t required to be reported on low production well . (2) I could contact the company who operated the lease and ask them. It was noted that sometimes an incorrect PUN number may have been used. John


The web address is listed.


The OTC portal is about four months behind. The run statement that comes with your check will only be about one month behind for oil and two months behind for gas (which is standard).


Thank you, John.

I had first attempted contact with the department via email but have not received a reply. Your information is greatly appreciated. We have also attempted to contact the company but the information you present in (1) may govern priorities. Will see what develops.

your willingness and assistance is greatly appreciated.


Thank you, Martha, for your willingness and information. We will appreciate and give thanks for all things as they develop.

Jim Matthews


Jim; I had contacted them two (2)times. A response was only received regarding one (1) email. I am in agreement . I too give thanks for favor as developments materialize.