Production info


Blaine county 34-16-10 ,They just completed 8 wells, they have been in production for about 5 weeks ,was wondering if anyone has heard how much they are producing? And is there a website I can look that up my own self?



You will be able to see the production on the OK tax site, but it will not post for about four-six months. They are behind.

I usually start with the bottom hole location if using the legal and then work up hole if I can’t find it. Or you can type in the name of the well



Thank u so much …I did look it up and registered, but it just shows the 8 well numbers and says the well name, “Ronnie “and active ,but like you said it will take awhile to show up and they did just go in production first of February …wondering though have you heard how the wells are doing,are they going to be good ones do you know any info on them?



I do not have any information on them. Have to wait for real data.