Production data

I do not have the $50.00 a year subscription, but if I get more wells, I will.

What I would like to know from those of you who do, if you be so kind is the production numbers for the following wells in McKenzie County, North Dakota Banks field--township 153--Range 97--Sections 19 and 30 Numbers--#20532--#27373--#24412-#24414. Garman wells

#20532 was shut in for a couple months, do not know if it is back on line yet or not.

I cannot find an answer from Statoil, thanks Ardis Jackson

20532- zip in Feb- cumulative of 158,603

27373- confidential, you have to search general statistics for sales, if any.

24412- did not report any oil production for Feb but 25,590 mcf gas....unfortunately, all flared off.

24414- 16,961 bbl oil in 28 days for Feb, 11,966 mcf gas....unfortunately, all flared.

20532 could be back on line at this moment, the lag time of a month or more on reports reminds me to be patient.

Thank you for your answer. We have not received division orders yet for the last 3 wells either, but decimal should be the same as the first well. I will wait for the production numbers, comes out around the 15th. The lag time does not help--thanks again