Producing oil and gas!

Can anyone out there can tell if our wells are producing good

Karnes county Tx

API # 42-255-33335

I see all those numbers on oil and gas


T L,

Link to Completion Report on your well:

Clint Liles

Texas lady,

Looks like you have a monster well on your hands! Congrats, I would love to have a percentage of that!

Texas Lady,

Attached is a spreadsheet showing monthly production produced and sold. Your well has three months of reported production. In those three months, it has reported production of about 83K bbl and 121 mmcf of gas. (Dec-Feb) There is no reported production for March or April as of yet.


Buddy Cotten

1821-SpecificLeaseQuery_dispDetails_ReportCsv.csv (741 Bytes)

Hi There everyone Thank you for your replys so our well is doing good ?

Buddy ? do you think it`s possible that oil co. might drill more wells on that part of the land A-184 Karnes County . So 83k bbl is that a day ? ,, Texas Lady

what is a tract factor? 0.00085138