Producing minerals - 28N-R18W, Sec. 17 & 18

My family and I all just received a letter from a company wanting to buy our “producing minerals”. to the best of my knowledge there are no producing wells and our leases with Chesapeake are all expired.

Can someone help me find out if there are any producing wells and if so, who the operator is that I could contact? The lands are as follows:

Sec. 17: All Sec. 18: All Woods County, OK

Thank you,

Hello T. , It appears that there are no wells in Sec. 17 of 28N-18W and two abandoned wells in Sec. 18. No active or producing wells as you suspected.

Thank you for your response. I appreciate it.

Welcome to the forum. BCE-Mach LLC is very active in Woods county over the last few years. They operate the Horizontal wells near you in sec 19, 30, 8 and others.

Thank you. I appreciate it.

My wife has mineral interests in Woods 33 27N 14W and has received payments from BCE-Mach in the past from the HE Land & Cattle Well. When I look up the PUN Details it shows Product History with several other companies. My question is should she be receiving payments from them as well. My contact at BCE-Mach has not been able to answer my question. Any direction would be great.

BCE-MACH is the operator. They are ultimately responsible for payment. The other reporting companies are the transporters/purchasers for oil and gas. They pay BCE who pays you.

Same situation with my minerals in Woods County. There are different purchasers for oil, gas, and NGLs but BCE pays the full royalty.

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