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Hello all, i signed a five year lease for royalty interest back in sep. 2014. i just signed a revised division order on feb 9 2018. my well is the ploeger unit in texas. where am i in the process. this is new to me and other family members. they also did a pre debit to my bank account on mar 9 2018. thanks in advance.

Andre, Without additional information it is hard to say but since you are still under the primary term of the lease and you just got a division order, that means that they recently drilled a well on your acreage. If this is the case, then you could expect to start receiving royalty checks in the near future. To search where your land is relative to any permitted or recently drilled wells, you can go to the Texas Railroad Commission’s website About halfway down you’ll see a link to the “Maps - Public GIS Viewer”. You can lookup your property and see if there are any wells - click on the wells for more info. Or if you have the lease info you can do a text search too.

Good luck! Matt Sands Minerals Consulting

Thanks Matt for the reply. i will look it up but when you say additional info, which info are you asking for. i got it just dont know how to search it yet.

Andre, What I was referring to is the legal description of your property. With that you can find it on the RRC map and see what wells have been permitted or recently drilled and the associated permits and completion reports associated with them.

Thanks, Matt Sands Minerals Consulting

Matt, Sorry about that. The operator is EOG Resources. Ploeger unit, consisting of 900.9 Acres, more or less, Located in the Byrd Lockhart survey, Abstract 36, The Thomas Jackson survey, Abstract 31, The Thomas Jackson survey, abstract 30 of Gonzales County, Texas, Being Described in the Designation of Ploeger Unit filed in Gonzales County (volume 1137 Page 560).

Andre, It looks like there are several wells in this block that have been permitted. It looks like you are in a good position :slight_smile: . If this is the first division order you have received and the existence of this royalty interest is new to your family, you may have payments in suspense with EOG (since it looks like the first few wells in this lease were drilled around 2013).

Keep in mind that I just did a cursory check on the Texas Railroad Commission Website. I would suggest you contact EOG Resource’s owner relations department to find out more information about your interest and the status of the lease.

Also, it is always a good idea to double check the decimal interest on the Division Order to make sure the operator’s Net Revenue Interest amount matches your calculations. You can read an article on how to do this here (blog post on my website).

Good luck! Thanks, Matt Sands Minerals Consulting

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Matt, I did contact EOG Resourcse owner relations department. this is our first division order. it was in suspense because we found some of the people on our royalty owner ship was not family and some one wrote them in. it was an investagation to find out who is really somepose to be in it. They also said we are getting interest paid from the beginning back in 2013. Now they are trying to figure out who is still alive and who is willed in. They said it will be more wells going up for years. i value your help and honesty Matt. i will be checking that article now.

Andre, My pleasure - good luck! Matt

Matt, They also told me we have two more wells in the lesie unit which is going to be another division order that started in 2014 also. They are waiting to finish the paperwork for ploeger unit first. I just got off the phone with the analyze for my account.