Process of "Conveying" Mineral Interests to Trust Beneficiaries

I'm the successor trustee to an individual's trust who recently passed away. They lived in Oklahoma. This person was not married and named 2 beneficiaries to the Trust assets.

The Mineral Interests were properly deeded and conveyed into the trust. My duty as trustee is to convey the Mineral Interests to the beneficiaries.

My questions:

  1. Do I just send a death certificate and a copy of the Trust document to the O&G Company's Division Order group?
  2. They then create new Division Orders and send them to the respective beneficiaries?


  1. Do I have to file new Mineral Deeds with the counties first and then do the above?

What's the process?

Thanks in advance.

M C Warren

You need to execute a mineral deed transferring title from the Trust into the two beneficiaries. After the execution and recording of the mineral deed(s), then provide them to the lessee or operator. They will take care of the rest.

Exactly what I thought. Same process of when we transferred title from the individual to the trust. Now.. from the trust to the beneficiaries.

Thanks so much!