Problems with oil companies

My sister and i inherited mineral rights in Grady and McClain counties from my Mother and Father. We didn't have any problems leasing my Mother's rights but my Father had a Trust and had remarried. His estate was never probated and his second wife was one of the trustees. She died. I signed leases on all of my Father's property but because of the Probate/Trust issues the oil companies haven't paid us the bonus money until the titles were cleared. We spent about $7,000 in attorney fees and cost to get me appointed Personal Representative and Trustee. I have executed Mineral Deeds to my sister and myself and I sent all of the court documents and deed to the oil company (land men) but I have only heard from one. He said that he didn't think the company was buying any leases. With the downturn in business, are we out of luck with getting payment? They paid for my Mother's property in the same location so they have an investment already.

Tomorrow's OPEC meeting may or may not improve your chances of leasing.

I have sent a friendship request. I have minerals scattered through both Counties.

It depends on the locations. Jackfork and Energy Lease Accounts(Hal Smith is leasing for Newfield in 7N 4W.

I don't know who Jackfork is leasing for. I was contacted by Newfield via Hal Smith this morning wanting to lease 23 7N 4W in McClain County. They won't lease for greater them 1/5 because Newfield would have to give every forced pooled owner a minimum of what you lease it .

Jackfork offered 9/40th's(22.5%) and $450.00/acre. I have not jumped at either offer.

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