Problem with Operator


New to the forum, hoping someone could advise.

I recently inherited royalty interest for oil wells in Texas Cochran county from my mother. Got the probate documents and will authenticated with the county. They verified ownership has been transferred to my name and I got my first tax bill. Found out all wells are currently producing and have two different operators, one of which changed since Mom’s death. Notified one of the well operators and sent them paperwork, very quickly got a division order, and have been receiving royalties, all good and very efficient. The second well operator, the new one since Mom’s death, on the other hand has still not set anything up. Three times I emailed their website that states “response in 48 hours”, no response. I’ve called their listed phone number multiple times, it has said “mailbox full” for months now. Over a month ago I did manage to get the personal email of the president who said to send him everything I sent to the first operator which I did immediately. I followed up this email again a few weeks ago, with a “request read receipt” - he has read it, but still no response. How should I proceed now? Thanks

Usually a formal sounding certified mail letter will get their attention. Not rude, just clear on what you expect them to do.

Patience is a virtue. Sometimes companies take 30-90 days. I would follow up in a couple of weeks by mailing information with return receipt.