Prima Exploration well completions?

Been watching for some activity on Prima’s Sundance #1-4H wells in 25N 58E s24-13 ever since they applied for the permits last year as we have mineral interest here. I have not been able to get a response from Prima on the status of these, but on the Montana BOGC site they are shown as status “spudded”. I know their posted info is generally months behind, but I saw where Prima applied to the BOGC for pooling interests in the permanent spacing unit back in December, however a note on the docket notice stated “Application has been Continued to the April 2022 hearing”. Can they complete these wells prior to the BOGC approving the pooling order? Anywhere else I could learn if these wells are completed??


Yes, they can complete the wells prior to the permanent spacing hearing. They will just hold the funds in suspense until the spacing is set.

Thanks, Steve…I was pretty sure that might be the case…good to know. Now, if I can just get Prima to respond to my e-mails regarding the completion status… not sure why the developers tend to treat mineral owners with such disdain …I suppose there are some that are a real PITA and ruin relations for the rest of us that simply want to be kept in the loop on the development of their mineral interests!

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