Price per net mineral acre

What is to going price per net mineral acre in Okfuskee county?

I'm selling my rights.

Please reply with offer price and company offering it.



Had a guy today offer me $175 per acre bonus w 3/16 royalty, 3 year term, renewable at 125% of original bonus. As to whether that's the going price, can't tell you. Seems awful cheap to me, as I've received bonuses from $700 to $2000 per acre in the past- but that was when things were booming, and not in Okfuskee County. Until today I don't even know I owned anything in Okfuskee (inherited). Like you I'd be interested in what others have to say on this score.

Ah, totally different situation. I misunderstood. Like you, however, I might be interested in selling outright if the price was right. Hope someone on the forum can provide some information. Best of luck.


Are you still interested in selling? My family has some interests in Okfuskee as well.


Hi Bob, I'm now looking at selling interests in Okfuskee as well. And like you would love to hear from somebody, anybody, about what a reasonable price would be to sell outright. You ever have any luck?

Yeah, Parker, previously I was looking to lease, but now that I've hit 70 and wife and son have no interest in the business, I'm looking to sell. Had a guy contact me the other day but didn't name a price. I'd sure like to find out what other owners have received recently per NMA selling outright.

Mr. Riley,

Have you received any offers on your Okfuskee County minerals?

Carter Cashman