Preston Ridge Oil

Anyone received an offer from Preston Ridge Oil out of Addison TX? If so, what was your experience? I'm having second thoughts as I am having trouble finding 3rd party information on them.

Thanks so much


Hi David,

I received an offer from Preston Ridge Oil, Addison Tx. to purchase my minerals outright. I sent Preston an email declining the purchase as my minerals are NEVER for sale------only lease. I was even sent an "advance" check for %500.00. In addition Preston sent a MINERAL & ROYALTY DEED form to have notarized for purchase. I thought sending the deed form was presumptuous. My minerals are in Hughes County, OK..............Leta C.

Thank you Leta. I’m willing to sell mine as I have another investment in the works. I just want to make sure they are legit.


One more comment re Preston Ridge Oil. Preston offered me 3 (three) times above what I got for my original 'Lease Bonus.' My assumption is that my minerals, and yours have been researched by the Landmen, and our minerals have been determined to have solid hydrocarbon assets. My current royalties are small but add up over time. My research supports the finding of a rich supply of Natural Gas in the Woodford Formation where my minerals come from.................Leta C.

I received an offer from them today to buy my minerals at a ridiculously low price, not interested. Usual official mineral deed & draft for $550.00 enclosed, and this was for a small producing well in Hardeman. Tossed it in the shredder.

HI Richard!

Shredder is a good place for any of these niggardly offers.

Leta C

That is the truth, not even a tempting stocking stuffer. Merry Christmas!!!

And Merry Christmas to you and yours. Be safe in your travels.

Leta C.