Prestige Exploration

Seeking info for a friend who does not have access to a computer.

She has property in the Komensky (Gallia) area of Lavaca County and has been contacted

by Prestige Exploration of Louisiana.

I can't find any information on this company and have not seen it mentioned

before. The person she spoke with asked many questions about prices of

leases in the area and what price she would take...can anyone give me

any information about this company that I can forward to her?

Her lease ended 1 1/2 years ago. Thanks.


Prestige Exploration does not have a 'listed' phone #. Only 2 employees. Founded in 2005. Be leary.

Clint Liles

Mr. Liles,

I found the same info or lack of info from D&B. Thank you so much for responding.