Prestige Exploration Leases in Gaines Co

I have mineral rights in Gaines co Texas for Section 28, Block G, below 3560’. In 2019, Prestige Exploration approached us with a lease agreement for 3 years with a 2 year renewal. After having a lawyer review it we signed the lease and were given our paid up lease amount for the three year lease period. Its almost 2022 and we have heard absolutely nothing from Prestige or their supposed client about whether any production has begin or whether they intend to renew again in 2022. The representative from Prestige told me they cannot give us any more information about their client but that I can look up activity on our section on the Railroad Commission’s GIS site, but that’s even more unhelpful. The GIS map only shows one well on the section thats deeper than 3560’ and it’s been shut in since at least 2009. So I assume there’s no activity there but I have no way to verify that and I have no way to know who to contact about their intentions on extending the lease.

In any case, apparently Prestige Exploration recorded a bunch of memorandums of lease in Blocks G, C-32 and 33 from September, 2019 until April, 2020. No assignments or other documents indicating activity by Prestige have been recorded since then. What, if anything, are they doing exactly if they haven’t done any Grantor reassignments with these leases? Was this pure speculation and trying to get out ahead of some suspected move?

Prestige Exploration drilled and completed a directional well in the NW/4 of Blk G Sec 12.
It appears to be shut-in. Lease name “El Jefe” Completion depth: 13,350’

Wow That was fast. Oops told must be 30 characters. This was intended as a true mention of being impressed! Wish I had good news relating to my little spot.

To me, it seems like good news that the well was not plugged as a dry hole. Google “Midland Basin Pulse XII-Probus Energy Services” and see that the pdf report indicates Prestige Exploration was one of the most active lessees in the first half of 2020. 194 leases.

Why would Prestige secure rights in Section 28 when they were drilling in northern Section 12, especially when it appears that the direction of the drilling appears to go east-west and well to the northeast of Section 28 (API# 165-38804)? If I’m reading the permit right and survey right the drilling goes more or less due east. Is this a common practice to secure rights so far away from a drill site?


Sec 28 is less than two miles from the well. I think some horizontal wells have been drilled which are three and even four miles in length, though most are likely less than two.

Attached is a map showing sections Oxy leased in Gaines county a couple of years ago. If anyone viewing this map can expand on what Oxy was doing or might still do, please comment.

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