Practice post

Okay, I did find Stephens Co. What had confused me before was the “New Topic” which I did not realize would get me to the “Post” form. So if this shows up, I’ll know I’m in business. Incidentally, does anyone know what “optional tags” means? Also, this is pretty funny: to the left of the post box it says, “Your topic is similar to Capping Post-Production Costs…” Apparently a computer seized on the word “post”. Also, it seems odd that at the bottom there is a plus sign and “Create Topic”. Why not just “Send” ?

You’re in business! You can click the :memo: icon (yours looks a little different!) on your post and just edit this message.

That’s a good question. You’re not the first to suggest that it’s confusing to click “New Topic” both to start and to finish your new topic.