Pottawatomie County, OK

I have a client that my company is doing due diligence for regarding an investment centered around drilling Section 27, T11N-R2E Pottawatomie County, OK The company that owns the land (not the company seeking $) states the following.

The West Dale Prospect has a porous Hunton Limestone preserved along the crest and west side of the West Dale structural feature. This analogy is identical to Hunton production in the Luther Southwest field, South Harrah field and Shawnee Southwest field. These Hunton producers have two things in common; the Hunton is porous in the top of the Limestone and all analogies lie along a prominent structural feature. Co would like to propose drilling a new well offsetting the H.C. Rooker #1 in the SE/4 SE/4 NW/4 of Section 27-T11N-R2E. The proposed T.D. will be approximately 5,700’.

Potential recoverable reserves Haragan/Chimney Hill - 166,631 BO