Potential New Investor - Price assistance needed

Hello .. new member here and new to the oil & gas business. I've been offered a minerals interest in several, new producing wells in Payne County. I wanted to determine what is a good buy-in price ... i suppose a lot depends on your forecast for oil and gas prices among other things. Any help is greatly appreciated.

I am going through some news and analysis sites on oil prices.....hope this will help you



Analysis of oil and gas investments can be a very complicated business. A quick and dirty, oversimplified method is just to look at cash flow multiples. Depending on the area and the type of production involved you might consider paying from 36-60 months of current net cash flow. Newer wells will typically decline sharply over the first couple of years, so you would want to pay the lower end of that range for newer wells.

If you pass, I'd like to hear the offer.

Travis Ellington