Potential For Mineral Interests In BLOCK 31?

I am receiving several offers to purchase my mineral interests in property located in Block 31, Howard County. Are offers currently being accepted there and in surrounding areas or are most owners holding on to their interests?

If selling, how do you even come close to projecting the potential future value, in say, 10 years? Is there secret formula or do I need a Ouija Board?

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Do you have a more detailed land description? "Block 31" is far too vague (it encompasses a large swath stretching from the Borden/Howard Co. border all the way to Forsan); I need at least the township details (T1N, T2N, etc.), but providing the abstract number would be best.


Blake P.

I'm sorry. I didn't want to overload the discussion with too much information. One of the properties is in SW-1/4 Section 20, Block 31, T-1-N.

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No problem at all. I sent you a message with some details pertaining to that tract.

$125,000 per net mineral acre. That is what the end user will pay.

I have been working in this industry for 55 years. The last 11 in all PB shale plays. I know what people have and do pay for mineral ownership in multi landing point leasehold. Do some math on real data. That is a fair price and everybody better wake up cause they are getting screwed selling for less.

this should help.

so if they pay this and expect to make a profit, what is it worth? Do some math.

so if they pay this and expect to make a profit, what is it worth? Do some math on this one or just read it.


Pieper Lela 2 Petrophysical.pdf (423.5 KB)

Looking for any info on further development in the E 1/2 of Section 18, Block 31, T2N. Anyone have any insite they could share? Thank you in advance!

Sarah after checking the RR Commission website all I can find is that well ‘Big Daddy A’ API 227-39287 is an oilwell/Spraberry(Trend Area) S M Energy/Completed 11-26-2017///No completion Report available on website at this time. At the top of this approved drilling permit states the status of this well…


Also no completion report available on well API 227-39288/S M Energy GIS Map of Howard County Section 18/Block 31 T2N:


Thank you so much for the info, Clint. Hoping that things heat up a bit soon in this Section. Looks like SM Energy is very active.