Post Your Scams To Watch For Here!

Anyone following this NARO group, let’s share stories on scams against mineral and royalty owners here, so we can spread the word.

Here is one where a company named The Land Hook (not making this up) is sending out solicitations to buy the surface only of land in West Texas. The problem is this solicitation, and probably many others, are on Relinquishment Act or Mineral Classified Land, where the surface cannot be separated from the minerals, so if you sell the surface, the minerals go with it.

See the attached solicitation letter. NARO member who sent this to us has had his name redacted.Main - 2020-03-13 10.35.pdf (904.4 KB)

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And here is the newest version of the Royalty Lease Scam, which NARO helped outlaw in 2019. The newest version is pretty brazen offering to buy a one year “assignment” of your royalties, but when you read the assignment, you are assigning for one year and as long thereafter as the well produces. This from our friends (sarcasm here) at Texas Shale Leasing.

Texas Shale Leasing - Scam Offer.pdf (530.6 KB)

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