Possible unpaid minerals

**what is the best way to locate mineral rights inherited in Texas and to find any productive wells located there. I believe there is possibly an active producing well in one area. When I called on a lease # I was told that area the field had been extended/ The lease # has changed several times just trying to find out and trying to determine other areas of mineral rights left by my grandfather many years ago. Most of those were in Texas but a few in Oklahoma

My curiosity was peaked when an oil company showed interest in some of my interests in Texas just recently.

It would be better if you posted your question in the correct county in Texas. You will have a better chance of getting a reply. Do the same thing for your Oklahoma questions. Specific questions get more specific answers.

For Oklahoma you may want to visit:

Oklahoma Unclaimed Property Search

Multi-State Unclaimed Search

Mineral Interest Escrow Account Search

To search most Oklahoma Counties use the following link. Keep in mind that many have limited historical information. For example, a county may just have online records back to 1988 or some other date.