Possible sales of Royalies on producing property Beaver OK.

1/6 Interest – West Half (W1/2) of Section 35, Township 2, North, Range 22 East of Cimarron Meridian, an Undivided 70 Acre interest in the Minerals located in Beaver County Oklahoma.

1/6 Interest – Lots 3 and 4 and the South Half (S1/2) of the Northwest Quarter (NW1/4) of Section 2, Township 1, North, Range 22 East of the Cimarron Meridian 160.78 Acres total in Lots 3 and 4 and S ½ NW ¼ of Section, 16.07 Mineral Acres and no Surface in the property located in Beaver County Oklahoma.

I am currently receiving royalties on:
1. well # 6744462 - Unit Petroleum company
2. Well # 414700 - Natural Gas Anadarko
3. Well # 20-316 Chaparral Energy
A few years ago I was contacted by someone wanting to purchase these royalties. Well # 20-316 was then owned by Cabot Oil at the time I contacted my royalty advisor there and she said, "you would be a fool to sell". I was informed at this time that they had discovered a huge deposit of oil on the property. All that was required would be to horizontally drill into this deposit which they had plans to do... Cabot Oil got their butt in a jam and sold the well to Chaparral Energy, now Chaparral Energy is filing bankruptcy. I have no idea if anyone will drill this deposit in the future or not but, seems it would be a worthwhile investment for the right person....
Please, contact if interested.