Possible Royalties in Texas Unclaimed / Sunoco

Today I was searching the Texas Unclaimed Property and found possible mineral royalties owed to us from Sunoco. We have been receiving royalties from a myriad of companies since a 2003 inheritance. Our last name is commonly spelled incorrectly, which could have created a payment issue. It is possible that it is not our royalty money, but it looks like Sunoco has a lot of unclaimed pmts in the state registry and this certainly may be my husband’s money. I don’t recall him receiving division orders for Sunoco, but maybe that is part of the problem?? How can we check to see if these indeed belong to him? I’ve tried calling Sunoco (Energy Transfer) but have not gotten an answer.

There is a similar topic along these same lines on the forum. Sunoco is a transport company, so the Division Order may have been signed under the operator name. Use the magnifying glass above to see the other thread and contact info.

I would suggest contacting the companies that operate wells in the sections you have an interest in. I was helping out a client the other day by contacting an operator. They forwarded my email on to Energy Transfer’s owner relations department. They were then able to put me through to the appropriate person.

It may also be helpful to pull your documentation from the 2003 inheritance and compare the properties listed against the governing state agency website that oversees oil and gas. You can verify if there are any wells that have been drilled in which you are not receiving payment on. Then contact those companies to see if there are suspended funds and correct any unresolved issues.

Best of luck with your search.

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Glad to know about this business. My husband is part owner in some mineral interest in Comanche county in Texas. He has the legal but doesn’t know much more. I will pass this info on to him. Thanks.

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