Possible Ownership of Mineral Rights

I started receiving offers, about a dozen, to buy royalties/mineral rights on producing wells in Martin County, Texas that I was being told that I have a vested interest/ownership. I have never received any royalty payments in the past or even presently for these wells.

I checked Martin Counties tax records and sure enough their records say I own these mineral interests and show my name and address on their tax records. The thing is when I do a search on the Grantor for these interests it comes up Jack W. rather than Jack and has been given over to a Grantee as a trustee and shows Assignment of overriding royalty interest. How can the county assign me as owner and show my name and address in their files, but Grantor assignment is to a Jack W. I was told that counties don’t get this information wrong that they do a through check.

Do I have any recourse to try and get royalty payments since the county says I own them?